Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pro-LGBT is not Anti-Christianity

Inevitably one of the arguments that will be made against our community is that we're hell bent on bringing down the Christian institution.  Oh...if only...

I'm not anti-religion at all.  I do think that certain religious institutions have grown far too large whether it be in their institutional power itself or in their manipulation of the masses, but I am fine with various belief systems existing.  I myself am not an atheist either (an apathetic Wiccan/Pagan if you must ask), but I can sympathize with that side as well.

It's relatively easy, I think, to reconcile Christianity with LGBT rights.  You know all those bible passages that you already ignore, like the stupid ones in Leviticus about not being able to wear bowl cuts or synthetic fabrics?  (Or that relatively important one etched in a rock about lying.)  Yeah...add all the anti-gay ones to the list.  Boom.  Done. 

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