Friday, December 30, 2011

The NHL and It Gets Better - Where We Stand

Just to do a quick recap of how my correspondences with various NHL teams regarding putting together an It Gets Better Video have gone.

Buffalo - The Sabres are currently working on an anti-bullying PSA inspired by gay Buffalo teen Jamey Rodemeyer's suicide and overlapping with many of the goals of the It Gets Better Project. They have refused to produce an It Gets Better Video because in their eyes it is exclusionary to victims of non-LGBT themed bullying. I have not received word on why they think it's okay to partner with the Salvation Army, who is exclusionary towards LGBT individuals.

Toronto - The Maple Leafs have essentially told me "great idea, we'll look into it," in the simplest of form e-mails possible. Since the organization has already lent itself to a pro-LGBT film, this apparent reluctance is curious.

Minnesota - I have not received a reply from the Wild.

New York Rangers - I have not received a reply from the Rangers.

Boston - I have not received a reply from the Bruins. I think Boston is the best shot at getting an NHL team to make an It Gets Better Video because they seem hell bent on spiting me in being better than the Sabres in every way possible.

In the coming days I will be contacting Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York (I), New Jersey, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Washington, Winnipeg, Detroit, Chicago, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, San Jose, and Los Angeles.

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