Saturday, December 24, 2011

Duality and Androgyny

As I've said before, probably in virtually every post, what we find more and more is that we have these categories for sexuality in which almost no one fits.  The Kinsey Scale does a bit better in giving people some room in which to play, but it too is inadequate.

I'm a perfect example, even at twenty-five years of age, I can't really give any clear cut definition of what I am.  I'm bisexual, this I know having been with men and women sexually, but to what degree I'm unsure.  Sometimes it seems utterly impossible for me to carry on a romantic relationship with a male, and sometimes it doesn't seem so far fetched.  And the transgendered aspect I think I've covered in previous entries.

I think what attracts me most is androgyny.  Being born male and having female sensibilities, I like people who can celebrate both sides of themselves.  I found it interesting that bisexual Tila Tequila on her dating show A Shot at Love eventually whittled her crop of hopefuls down to the girliest guy, and the manliest girl.  Perhaps not the best part of pop culture to reference, but I think that's about where I'm at.  I tend to be attracted to either tomboyish girls, or feminine (physically) guys.

I've always been a blend of opposites, nerd and jock, artist and engineer, so I think that mix of male and female really appeals to me because there is so much of myself in it.  They say opposite attract, and while I don't agree in the strictest sense, I'm definitely drawn to my sexual opposite, a girl with male sensibilities.  It's a part of what makes my current relationship work and I don't think it's all that unique.  There are many sides to all of us.

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