Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Unfair Explicitness of Homosexuality

You can see it in virtually every vile fraudulent homophobic argument ever made, the assertion that homosexual relationships are somehow more explicit than "normal" relationships.   You can see it in sodomy laws, still entrenched in the local rulebooks around the country (though toothless thanks to Lawrence v. Texas).  You can see it in the way people balk when images or implications of two men kissing arise.  To a large percentage of the straight populace, homosexuality is about those three words in the middle.  Why?

Are we not just like straight people?  Do we not have platonic relationships, do we not kiss, do we not hold hands, do we not go to dinner and see movies and shop?  Our relationships are not any different than those of straight people.  Yes one aspect of them that is different is the gender of who we choose to date, but that doesn't make us more sexualized, merely differently sexualized.

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