Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Retro Post: People Have Sex


Stop hiding from this fact.

They do it orally, anally, and vaginally.  They do it with phallic shaped objects of all shapes and sizes.  Some vibrate, some do not.  Some are acrylic, some are plastic, some are even shaped like fists.  They do it with false vaginas, sometimes lubed, sometimes dry.

Some of them use whips, some of them use chains.  A lot of people prefer rope.  Many are only comfortable with fuzzy handcuffs.  Still others get off on leather, PVC or any number of different styles of fetish clothing.  There are people who don't like any of those things at all.  They are all both strange and normal in their own beautiful way.

Your kids are having sex.  If they aren't, they soon will.  They will enjoy it, most of them will probably enjoy it a lot.  This will lead to them having it a lot.  This is okay.  Take a deep breath.  Remember that everyone is equipped with the tools necessary to handle this intimate act.

Stop treating it as a taboo topic.  Stop being shy.  Stop hiding.  Stop going red in the face every time you see someone wearing less clothing than you'd feel comfortable with in the privacy of your own home.  Stop pretending that it isn't happening, that those around you aren't having sex, that they're "good kids."  There is no such thing.  Sex is a normal part of human existence.  Men were born with penises, women were born with vaginas.  They should be able to use them without the pressure of the shame that society heaps on sex.

I understand that people are afraid.  That we're cursed with such things as shame and modesty.  It's okay.  It won't hurt if we begin going outside our comfort zone.  It won't kill anyone if we start talking about it.  If women can talk about penises without going red in the face.  If men can talk about vaginas without resorting to crude slang.  In fact, it will do the opposite.  It will help.

The best way to handle something you are afraid of it to attack it with knowledge, and there is a great deal we do not know about sex.  We think that our kids cannot handle it, so we try and shield them.  Parents in the Netherlands broach the topic as their kids enter primary school.  Their age of consent is 14.  Ours ranges from 16-18.  They have STD rates, teen pregnancy rates, and abortion rates that are so low, they make the "great" United States of America look like a third world country.

Most of our thoughts about sex are wrought with shame.  And we should be ashamed.  Not because it is such a delicate topic, but that we as reasoning intelligent people in a free country have failed so wholeheartedly, so completely in treating sex with rationality and intelligence.

So many of us thing sex is disgusting, think pornography is disgusting.  We are disgusting.  We place our children in harms way by restricting as much knowledge as possible.  This is abuse.  We have teenagers being forced into the world of parenthood because mothers and fathers won't put their daughters on birth control.  We have young men and young women spreading disease because no one taught them how to use a condom.  We have kids having sex before they're ready because no one would help them foster a healthy and knowledgeable attitude towards sex.

I'll say it again, we, as a country, are failures.

 America.  People have sex, and they love it.  Your perfectly legal consenting kids have sex.  Your neighbors have sex, your friends have sex.  And they all love it.  Sex is a good thing.  Sex is a fun thing.  Sex is a natural thing.

Stop being so uptight.

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