Friday, January 20, 2012

In Which I Render Focus on the Family Speechless

Earlier today, Focus on the Family posted a marriage help hotline (1-800-A-FAMILY) on Twitter. Well, what the he'll, I'll give it a ring I figured. The conversation:

Them - Hello

Me - Hey, I saw your hotline on Twitter, I guess it was billed as a help hotline.  I'm not married yet, but I will be this year.  My concern is that, as a male dating a trans-male, that my marriage won't be recognized in 44 out of 50 states.

(A solid 20-30 seconds of dead silence)

Uh...yeah.  That's...yeah.  So...uh...did you want to speak to a counselor or...

I'm really looking for more information, I mean I want to be able to live in a committed relationship and raise children in a committed relationship, but the law won't allow me to do that in a lot of place.

Yeah...uh...well you can call back later when you're married I guess.  

I will do just that.

I really didn't have an ulterior motive, mostly I was just curious about what the reaction would be.  Anti-gay nonsense isn't all of Focus on the Family's platform so I suspected I wouldn't be met with outright dismissal.  If anything I wanted to challenge their worldview of what a marriage, and what a family is.

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