Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Washington State Looking for Input on Same Sex Marriage Certificates

This is kind of fun.  In a rare moment, I get to talk about something enjoyable instead of dissecting something that some misguided asshole said about LGBT individuals.  As you all know, the state of Washington recently voted in favor of Marriage Equality.  While this was a great victory for everyone in the state of Washington (and yes, I include you anti-gay Christians, my hope is that you'll come around), in some respects the work is only just beginning.  Numerous state forms that were written to only specify heterosexual couples must now be modified to be inclusive.  In an interesting move, the Health Department is asking the public for suggestions.

This is a current Washington State Certification:

Click to Enlarge

Doesn't seem like many changes are really necessary.  Here's my proposal, hastily drawn in Excel.  I have put my changes in red text.  (Hey, hire me Microsoft.):

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