Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Brief - NOM Thinks You're Stupid

If you follow NOM on Twitter, you might have noticed their criticism of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for "choosing gay marriage over safer streets" because he highlighted Marriage Equality as a priority, and people get murdered in Chicago, and obviously mentioning the former means you don't give a shit about the latter.  Or something.

Amid all this one has to wonder, if NOM is so concerned about the safety of Chicagoans, why isn't it using some of it's massive pile of Catholic dough to aide law enforcement agencies (or maybe to feed the poor, but that's another discussion entirely).

NOM President Brian Brown, courtesy of Daily Kos

Therein lies the evil of NOM, it assumes that its supporters are either so stupid (or so vile and willing to lie) that they miss the hypocrisy.  Shameful.

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