Monday, July 16, 2012

The Curvy Movement

Sometimes I don’t know what our problem is in regards to physical attractiveness.  We all seem to have this narrow definition of what is attractive, and fuck anyone who has a different opinion, or anyone who lives outside that scale of attractiveness.  Which is screwed because a lot of us have a very narrow definition in what we like physically in another person.

This is probably most evident in the seemingly endless debate of skinny vs. (not skinny? Seriously, what is the most positive way to refer to someone that isn’t skinny?  For the sake of picking something, I will choose ‘curvy’).  Curvy people have traditionally been treated very unfairly, they’re not overly present in advertising, modeling, or film, and when people want to criticize them their weight is often mentioned whether or not that is relevant to the topic at hand.

I can understand that there is a lot of hurt there, and a desire to lash out.  But lately I’ve seen a lot of these images with a skinny model (say, Keira Knightley) and a curvy model (say Marilyn Monroe) with an indication that the latter is ‘real beauty.’  I imagine a pendulum swinging back in the opposite direction as those that were bullied become those handing out ridicule.  Telling someone to 'eat a sandwich' and outlining how 'real women have curves' is really no different than the insults that have been levied at curvy individuals.

Let's be perfectly honest with ourselves; we're all beautiful.  And yet, we're all hideous.  For every person there is someone who finds them immensely attractive and someone else who considers their looks a dealbreaker.  But it can be difficult to see the implied 'to me' when one person talks ill of another's attractiveness.  Those of us assessing physical beauty...let's make it a little easier and be a little nicer.

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