Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grow Up Tebow

Earlier this week this story about Tim Tebow started making the rounds on the internet.  The 'too long, did not read' version is that whoever is in charge of Tim Tebow's public image has been threatening those that post photos that do not fit in with that manufactured persona.  If you're not following, that means any photos with scantily clad women.  Seriously.

This tells me two things about the Focus on the Family shill, or at least the people in charge of him.  The first is that Tebow and his handlers need to grow the hell up and realize that occasionally women wear things like tank tops and bathing suits, clothing that shows more than a little skin.  Doing so is not an indicator of any sort of sexual 'immorality.'  Shunning these things, especially in situations that are completely benign is childish.

The second is that Tebow and his handlers want to put forth a lie.  (And make no mistake, that's exactly what scrubbing Tebow's public image is.)  It's another event on a very long list of those of religious people violating one of their ten most sacred laws because they think the end result justifies it.

Tebow needs to decide what he wants to be, the face on a cause that's anything but good, or a grown up human being, one with depth and independent thoughts, ones that might occasionally be at odds with evangelical America.

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