Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Any Case, I Figured It Out (Personal)

We tend to stick pretty closely to the LGBT sides of ourselves here, which is important considering the social landscape of this country, but there's more to us than that.  I for one am fascinated with the complexities of relationships, of emotions, of love, of sex.

Most of this is in relation to my own self, as a particularly complex individual.  Things don't come easy for a pansexual genderfluid male and while I don't think that there are really any good labels or categories for anyone, I can't help but think about which might best apply to me.

Defining what interests me in a partner has been difficult.  I do conform to many of the stereotypes of attraction (for both men and women), but none of these define what I would like to spend my life with.  Trying to put more than vague concepts to what I seek, to what has caused me to end up where I am now, to what has turned me (among other things) from a person wrought with jealousy to a proponent of polamory has been a major drain of brainpower as of late.

It's actually rather simple.  The thing I seek in partners above all else is knowledge, or perhaps more aptly put, inspiration.  The ability to make me talk and think about things greater than myself.  The ability to assist me in putting pen to paper or keyboard to blog post.  There are other aspects, looks, interests, sure, but there is little I appreciate more than knowing things and learning things, and people that can help me or inspire me to do that are invaluable.

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