Sunday, June 24, 2012

Contribution to IMEnough

I graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts (hence the photography:)). I played as an openly trans male on the women's basketball team. Now that I am out of college I came up with the idea to "Hide to create Visibility". I know that sounds strange but let me explain. When you see a photo of a person people usually want to see the face so that they can SEE who the person IS. My project goal is to teach people how to relearn that tendency.

Our outer appearance does not tell us who we are, we are who we say we are. Who someone is comes from within and my project will portray that. So my pictures will have individuals (only one person in a photo, this is about our inner self) doing whatever you feel like doing, standing, running, reading, dancing, WHATEVER you feel describes you. The sky is the limit. The only thing I ask is to not allow your face to be seen. You can hide it anyway you'd like, be creative, or not ha. Just make sure your ENTIRE face is NOT visible so we create the visibility.

 Now the visibility comes from your words. Everyone transitions in life not just transgender individuals. So what makes one transition better than the other? Absolutely nothing. I will give you a sentence starter, "I transitioned........From______To________". You can have as many of those as you need. At the end of your I transitioned piece it will say IMEnough. This project will consist of trans people and trans ally's. IMEnough promotes love and respect for yourself and others.

I transitioned from….
Straight TO Pansexual
New York TO Washington State
Engineering TO Writing
Playing Baseball TO Playing Hockey
Being a Switch TO being a Dominant
Looking for fairy tale love TO looking for realistic love
Masculine TO Often androgynous
Liking long hair on girls TO loving short hair on girls
Shy TO unapologetically unique and fearless

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