Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Whole Birth Control Debate is Really Fucking Stupid

I highly doubt there are many people who aren't in the know about the recent birth control debate, but just in case, the gist of it is this: President Obama signed a mandate requiring private healthcare providers to cover the cost of contraception for their clients.  To a vast majority of people this makes a whole lot of sense.  To a small religious minority, private healthcare companies giving the option of taking advantage of a product they claim to never use, this is infringing upon their religious freedom.

Now you can believe what you want, and if you have little use for birth control, then fine.  But I fail to see how making a product that can combat unwanted pregnancies, reduce STD rates, and lower the number of abortions is a major point of contention.  Seriously religious people?  Have you flipped on MTV and watched all the shows about teen moms lately?  And you want to make that easier?  Unbelievable.  All the more reason why that stupid book should dictate as little as possible.

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