Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Breaking: The National Organization for Marriage Exposed

Major news coming out of Maine.  I'll try and breeze through the back story to get to the important bits.  The gist of it is that the National Organization for Marriage has lost court case after court case fighting to keep from revealing more about their campaign financing.  Today in Maine several formerly confidential documents were unsealed.  Ho.  Ly.  Crap.

You can read them in their entirety in the link above (which I am currently doing), but here's a few of the highlights courtesy of Think Progress.  If it's in quotes, it's taken from a NOM document verbatim.:

“Drive a wedge between gays and blacks” by convincing them to fight over the language of “civil rights.
(Essentially become social slave masters using "blacks" to suit their interests.)

"Bait Latino voters to oppose marriage equality as “a symbol of resistance to inappropriate assimilation."

(Somehow make a connection between Marriage Equality and immigration issues.  Hey bearing false witness (lying) is still wrong, right?)

Interrupt the “attempt to equate…sexual orientation with race” so that marriage inequality is not perceived as discrimination.
(This is the worst one in my opinion.  NOM essentially admits that what they're attempting to do is discrimination, plain and simple.)

Draw attention to the “bigotry and intolerance” displayed by equality advocates and “document the victims” through a rapid response media team.
(This would actually be fair if it didn't involve badly distorting, if not lying outright about religious "victims."  Like this story about a student had supposedly been suspended just for saying homosexuality was against his religious views.  It turned out that the supposed victim had repeatedly harassed a teacher he thought to be gay, going as far as vandalizing his classroom.  Once again, about that bearing false witness thing...)

Emphasize the importance of “religious liberties” to limit the impact of marriage equality’s legislative advancements.
(NOM and other organizations have used this to try and sneak "religious exemption" clauses into anti-bullying legislation under the guise of protections.)
"Develop side issues to weaken pro-gay marriage political leaders” like pornography, “protection of children” and religious liberty at the federal level."
(Another big one since NOM once again admits that (if they're not aware they're lying outright) they know they're stretching truths.)

Expose Obama administration programs that “have the effect of sexualizing young children” or threatening “childhood innocence.”
(Like what exactly?  Should we have abstinence-only sex education?  Because that leads to more abortions, which religious groups kind of don't like.)

“Find, train, and equip young leaders” to become a “next generation of elites” capable of opposing marriage equality.
(Funny how NOM says nothing about upholding morality, defending the bible, or anything about religion in this one.  Shows what it's really about, doesn't it.")

Foster closer relationships with Catholic bishops to “equip, energize, and moralize Catholic priests on the marriage issue.”
(I don't have much to say, but it's been widely theorized that the Catholic Church itself is one of NOM's biggest, if not their biggest monetary supporter.  Most of NOM's donations come, not from individuals, but from mysterious and well-financed parties.)

Focus on “the consequences of gay marriage for parental rights.”
(Yet another connection that isn't present.)

Any shred of dignity and adherence to morality that NOM may have been clinging to is gone.  They've been exposed for what they are, a lying group of bullies more concerned with upholding their own prejudices than following any sort of moral conviction.

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