Monday, December 10, 2012

ESPN980, Steve Czaban, Andy Pollin, and Bigotry

In case you missed it ESPN980's (Washington DC) Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin let loose an anti-trans tirade for the ages when talking about transgender college basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig.  Amid referring to her as 'it' and saying that 'it' is the politically correct term for transgender individuals, Czaban and Pollin also belittled her appearance and advised against her playing sports.

Which is a great message to send to transgender kids, that they're gross, shouldn't play sports, and aren't real human beings.  Czaban and Pollin later apologized for the 'it' part, but not all that other stuff that makes transgender individuals feel like completely unwelcome freaks and makes them want to kill themselves.

This one hits close to home, not just because my partner is transgender and moved from the MD-DC-VA area because of shit like this, but also because I know transgender individuals currently living in that region.  And while Maryland and DC may have legalized marriage equality, the former is by no means universally supportive of LGBT rights.

But, in Washington DC at least, transgender individuals are not without allies as the city recently unveiled a very trans-supportive ad campaign.

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