Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spineless Andy Parrish is Afraid to Debate LGBT Ally Chris Kluwe

I'll try to get through the background on this as fast as possible.

Andy Parrish is a former Michele Bachmann aide who got into trouble several months ago for posting via the Minnesota for Marriage Facebook account that gays should be put to death because...well...it's in the bible folks.

Chris Kluwe is a Punter for the NFL's Minnesota Vikings who has been a staunch supporter of LGBT rights.

Earlier tonight, Parrish started whining about Kluwe paying no attention to his tweets about some anti-LGBT signs in Minnesota that were vandalized (because such things only happen to one side).  The exchange went as follows:

Parrish - @joshuajhovey @MN4allfamilies @ChrisWarcraft not surprising that foul mouth Chris Kluwe is silent on the tweets I have recived

Kluwe - @AndyParrishMN I'm sorry? You want me to control what others say and do? Have you not heard a single word I've said? #ggwellplayedbuttpat

Kluwe - @AndyParrishMN If you want to have a debate right now we can do that. I promise no swear words. Interested? #pleasesayyes, #pleasesayyes

Parrish - @ChrisWarcraft LOL. Thanks Chris, We've already committed to the debates we are going to do.

Kluwe - Last thought for the night: People like @AndyParrishMN are exactly what's wrong with our system. Tries to call me out then won't engage.

Kluwe - Surely, @AndyParrishMN, you can agree we'd have a civil discourse over the Marriage Amendment Act with those stakes, right?

Kluwe - We can do it right here, right now @AndyParrishMN. This is an open forum. Why should I support the Marriage Amendment Act?

Parrish - @ChrisWarcraft Good luck against the Buc’s Chris - I think one thing we agree on is we are all proud of our Vikings!

Kluwe - No, @AndyParrishMN, no evasions, no appealing to the sports team. You wanted to talk. Let's talk. I'm waiting.

Kluwe - So that's a "no" then, @AndyParrishMN. Glad to see you have the conviction of your beliefs. I'll put you down for a "no" on the vote too.

And they say Democrats are the spineless ones.

This election season, voters in Minnesota are set to decide whether or not they'd like to enshrine discrimination into their state constitution.  The amendment is so debilitating to LGBT couples that even the anti-LGBT lobby's star witness from California's Proposition 8 trial has created a video opposing it.  Andy Parrish is, of course, at the forefront of the movement to make LGBT individuals second class citizens and to continue damaging LGBT families.

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