Friday, February 17, 2012

The Religious Right is Screwed

Yesterday on the great internets I posed a question to a bunch of "high" profile anti-LGBT individuals, namely Tony Perkins and Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, Peter Labarbera of NAFTA, and Thomas Peters, better known as @americanpapist.  The question: "With growing support for same sex marriage among voters and huge support among young voters, what is the conservative plan to combat same sex marriage?"

Only Labarbera responded:

Back 2 basics: main issue is gay behav. There was time when "pro-choicers" thought they won on abortion; now theyre losing

Substance-less at best.  I told him as much.

I don't answer to U. Y don't U explain to me why ANYONE would eroticize degradation + (consensual) sexual violence. #sick

And again he didn't have much of an answer and instead levied a personal attack to cover for it.  I did not take the bait.  My three responses combined and paraphrased:

"That's off-topic and irrelevant.  I guess you don't have much of an answer other than your vague notion of "going back to basics."  And I hate to break it to you, but since you're in the business of promoting political ideologies and I'm a voter, you DO answer to me."

I honestly thought the religious right would have something at least a little better than that, but they did not, proving my point in spectacular fashion.  They're screwed.  Gay marriage is only growing in popularity.  It's now legal in seven states, and that number could rise to ten by the end of the year.  As more and more gay people come out of the closet, their friends and families are jumping on board.  Only a monster could look at a loved one and tell them that they don't deserve the same rights.

LGBT individuals are raising kids, and their kids are growing up in a culture of acceptance.  Those are your future voters and your future politicians.  The religious right is rich and organized, but those things will only get them so far as they shrink into the distance.  They're screwed.

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